la rebelión consiste en mirar una rosa

hasta pulverizarse los ojos

Alejandra Pizarnik


Love Don`t Leave, I Will Not Cry, The Lamp: poems by Sonia M. Martin

Oh! love please don't go,
There is fire within me.
and my flaming heart...
Love, please do not go.
Inside the old bag I carry,
Hidden ideals,
Butterflies' wings
And my sleepy heart.
Oh! love please don't go away,
My lips are like roses,
Where the most tender words
Are born again.
Love do not leave me
Hopeless, and sick
Dying for your love
Like a pale damsel.

I promise Love, I will not cry,
Why will I cry? Why?
I cried enough, today I will not cry.
Why will I cry?
This poem...
Like divine light I'll leave for you
In each stanza you will find love,
But to cry, why will I cry? Why?
It will be laughter in every line,
In each arpeggio my smile you'll find,
What a sacrilege!...To cry
Why will I cry?
I promise Love, I will not cry,
All my tears I gave away.
If I cried so much... today I won't do that
Why would I cry? For you? To cry again?

©Sonia M. Martin

For your love
I waited all my life
With a burning lamp.
Spring ended fast,
The Summer ran away,
And holding my lamp
Soon came Autumn.
Love...don't pronounce a word,
For your love
I waited all my life
With a burning lamp
That my quivering hand
Now, winter is here
The lamp is no more,
Love don't pronounce a word
My life has faded away.

©Sonia M. Martin

All poems translated from Spanish by Olga Y. Mancinelli