la rebelión consiste en mirar una rosa

hasta pulverizarse los ojos

Alejandra Pizarnik


Four poems by Beatriz Iriart: I was at ... (to Primo Levi), Reap Fruit, The Orchard, Insomnia / Paintings by Susy Dembo, Luisa Richter, Giovanni Gilli


To the memory of Primo Levi

January 27th, 2006

I was in Auschwitz.

From bitterness

Pain and terror

I bore children

Barefoot I walked through mud

And harvested flowers fields

Just like the fresh seeds

Of our flocks.

Today 61 years after

The camp liberation:

I am a shadow

A faceless woman

Desolation and hunger.


Was in Auschwitz. 

© Beatriz Iriart


For Silvio 

I give to you

My true sunflowers

You give me

A song

With your killing hands

Both of us create

The cruel and devastating melody

Of a premature exile.

                                                                          © Beatriz Iriart

Photo: Giovanni Gilli Italia
                                                                                Translation from Spanish 
                                                                             by  Olga Y. Mancinelli 



I am a wandering nightmare

An aborted dream

A day break blues

A foreseen mourning

On the frozen nights of

The incoming Autumn
Obra: Susy Dembo


To Raul Zeleniuk's memory

At the orchard

Have bloomed seven

Of your "incipient ladies of the night"

Seven were their screams

Seven are the memories

Seven your deaths

And your "incipient ladies of the night"

Bring seven lives

When the sun goes down,

And I


© Beatriz Iriart
Obra de Luisa Richter